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I'm typically asked what martial art needs to I contribute to my Self-defense training and my response is simple: JUDO.

If you do not understand me I was a Div 1 college wrestler, I have rank in Brazilian Jiujutsu and obviously, I'm a second degree blackbelt in Judo.

So why Judo?


Judo teaches you to stay on your feet, keep your balance against a much larger and stronger aggressor. Preserving your balance in a fight in important to enable you to keep mobile and keep STRIKING (or stabbing, or bludgeoning. and EVEN DRAWING YOUR FIREARM).

On the ground Judo still requires you to combat for a position of supremacy. I will keep in mind that SPORT JUDO allows you to stall to and get returned on your feet-- so for self defense it is CRITICAL that rather you battle to PIN or SUBMIT << Don't get lazy.</p>

The issue with BJJ is that it encourages you to go to the ground. Forget what "moves" or take downs you practice-- it's the end result and numerous BJJ fighters utilize those takedowns to participate in ground fighting.

Going to the ground on purpose is a HUGE error considering that the truth of weapons, numerous assailants or dealing with much LARGER and STRONGER attackers will get rid of most BJJ strategies which are created to deal with somebody who is approximately your size or smaller sized.

Wrestling deals comparable problems. Of all, the most popular takedown is the double leg. This puts you at a drawback since you're actually THROWING yourself to the ground. Now, don't get me wrong >> > I have actually done this successfully in the street (lot of times) nevertheless, I am NOT your typical grappler and as I get older facing younger, more powerful and bigger opponents I would encounter a TON of issues. -- with an excellent Judo base, I can still stay on my feet and do what I require to do.

If your average wrestler or MMA specialist attempted a leg attack in the street against a bigger, more powerful opponent they will get crushed.

Wrestlers don't have an issue providing up their back on the ground and everyone who has ever seen an MMA fight understands this is a bad concept and in the street its ten times worse.


We do not roll on mats in the street-- cement, particles, rocks, etc will CHEW YOU UP. When on the ground you're best choice is to GET UP as quickly as possible << practice this in your training.</p>


Judo trains you to act with a sense of seriousness. One false move, is judo the best martial art one misstep will end the match. This trains your mind to move with purpose and urgency. This is the EXACT way you need to approach self defense.

Wrestling and BJJ, while often require urgency-- usually preach persistence. WAIT ON your challenger to make a mistake, develop openings-- again, this takes place in Judo and battling but at a typically FASTER speed than BJJ.

Time in Training

For you self defense functions, you DON'T need to be excellent at Judo-- all you require is to develop an excellent defense which can take place in months, not years. If your first SDTS attack doesn't do what you need, you have a much better opportunity of keeping your balance, remain on your feet and continue to FIGHT or ESCAPE.

What about GI or no GI?

You can grip a t-shirt to perform numerous Judo strategies and you'll have the ability to STILL preserve your balance ... even if your enemy's naked (hey, I'm not judging-- things occurs).

Once again-- this is everything about SELF DEFENSE.

Keep your balance, and TAKE GROUND.

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